CLA Letter F10 - Spring 2011 Professor Laude CH 302...

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Spring 2011 Professor Laude CH 302 INFORMATION PACKET Topic Description page # Coming to See your Professor A fervent plea to not be afraid to come and see me. 1 CH302: A Capsule Summary One page listing of important facts about this course. 2 CH 302 Course Outline Day-by-day schedule of lectures, homework and exams. 3 Grading Policy for CH302 How letter grades will be assigned in this course. 4,5 Makeup Exam and Quiz Procedure What happens when you oversleep. 6 Registering with the Quest to Access Your Grades A Web site where you must register in order to see your grades for the course. 6 Random Musings How we have our poetry corner. 6 A Calendar Brought to you by the Chemistry Lower Division Offices Where and when to go about course registration issues like dropping a class. 7 Prerequisites for CH302 Can you stay in here if you aren’t supposed to be in here? 7 Q drops Will I give Q drops to just anybody? 8 Electronic World of CH302 Useful web site links 8 Electronic Lecture Notes Stop furiously writing in class and listen!!! 8 Videos of Dr. Laude’s Lectures So just exactly why do you come to class? 8 Video Clips of Dr. Laude’s Lectures Hundreds of bite-sized descriptions of content material 8 E-mail The preferred way to contact us 9 Some tips on e-mail etiquette How to get your e-mail answered. 9 Textbook and Supplemental Materials for CH301 Suggested books and course notes for CH301. 9 Regrade Procedure You know that you marked a B and not a C!!! 10 Students with Disabilities Information on special accommodations. 10 Religious Observances and Make-up Exams What it says, but let me know by the 12 th class day 11 C OMING TO S EE YOUR P ROFESSOR I know that I am a professor and a dean and older and that all of that may make me seem intimidating. But actually I am very nice to children and students (I am only so-so with small animals). Please do not be afraid to contact me about your academic or non-academic problems with this course. The last thing you need is to end up with a bad grade for this course when there is something that could have been done about it if you had contacted me in time. So just send me an e-mail and I will tell you how easy it is to schedule a private discussion with me.
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1 CH302: A C APSULE S UMMARY Course name and number: CH 302: Principles of Chemistry I, Unique number 51635 Class meeting time and location: TTh 2 to 3:15 p.m. in WEL 2.224 Instructor information: Instructor name Professor David Laude Office location W. C. Hogg 3.128 (W.C. Hogg is between Welch Hall and the Tower) Office phone 471-6176 (You'll get my assistant Judy) e-mail Office hours Mon. at 11, Tues. at noon, Wed. at 1, Thurs. at 11 or e-mail for an appointment Teaching assistant information: name e-mail Principal duty Office hour room Travis Johnson The Man Tues/Thurs 3:30-5 pm JGB 2.324 Miranda Colletta What the man says Tuesday 10 to 11 am Cubicles Daniel Hawkins
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CLA Letter F10 - Spring 2011 Professor Laude CH 302...

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