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Extra Credit 2 Lacy Jordan Lj5655 At the undergraduate poster session, Justin Nygun was presenting a poster on the mitochondrial gene expression research stream. Justin’s group used accessory factors involved in mitochondrial translation initiation: translation initiation and protein interaction analysis. I liked this poster because mitochondria are very important organelles that convert energy from fuel sources into ATP. Cellular respiration and other essential mitochondrial functions require a complex exchange between the nuclear and mitochondrial gene expression systems.
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Unformatted text preview: Because mitochondria are responsible for replicating DNA, transcription, and protein synthesis, these organelles are important for many human diseases caused by defects in mitochondrial gene expression. The goal of this groups current work is to determine whether these recently identified accessory factors complex with other proteins involved in mitochondrial protein synthesis. I thought it was absolutely phenomenal to see good friends of mine do current research toward benefiting future generations....
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