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Extra Credit 3 Lacy Jordan Lj5655 I am actively involved with Longhorn Pre-Pharmacy Association (LPPA). Every other Tuesday general meetings are held to obtain information on volunteer opportunities, social events, and pharmacy guest speakers. The speakers who come are usually very helpful and informative for the pharmacy career pathway, but their speeches are not always engaging enough to really grasp deep fascination. However, at our past seminar, Edward “Ted” Mills, Ph.D spoke of a very interesting topic. Edward is an Associate Professor of Pharmacology/Toxicology at The University of Texas College of Pharmacy. Because I have always been a tremendously healthy eater and constantly seek outdoor activities, Edward’s study on ageing and metabolism profoundly drew my interest. Edward explained his research over the immune challenge in detail; he spoke of UCP3 and how it may be able to block cancer because of the mutation of the P53 transcription factor, and also how it causes a rise in body temperature, which effects
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