rm040511 - Random MusingsApril 5, 2011 1. The scores for...

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Random Musings—April 5, 2011 1. The scores for exam 2 and the make-up were within a point of each other round 70%. The grades broke down nice and flat—about 30 perfect scores including about 100 As, 100 Bs, 200 Cs, 50 Ds and 50 Fs. For the level of difficulty of the material, this is about where things should be. I believe we have killed the questions that needed to be killed and that these are true scores, but I can entertain concerns that you e-mail me. 2. Some good news--the last third of the semester prepares you for the last exam of the semester, one that typically has the highest averages, often in the mid to high 80s—and it is worth twice as much as the second exam (240 points). So why is the exam average so high? There is a lot of descriptive chemistry to end the course and this means a lot of qualitative material that students tend to manage well. To help you get started studying for exam 3, the question types are found at the bottom of the musings. 3. This is where I remind you once again to never give up. Many of you came to see me in preparing for the second exam after struggling on the first—some did much better. Some are still getting used to how to do well on this kind of exam. But you have to keep after it—this second exam is not a good marker for improvement since it is a much more challenging set of material that exam 1. But remember that all it takes is getting everything under control and in your head for just one glorious 3 hour period during the final exam in May, and you can have your A for the course as well. To help you prepare, I provide the question types from the final exam at the bottom of the musings. 4. We will be finishing up electrochemistry today and having delayed testing on it for exam 2, we need to start coming up to speed with it. I encourage you to take advantage the worksheets (11-13 and their video clips), and the lecture videos (lecture 17 is already posted). I should have lecture 18 and most of the worksheet clips up by this weekend. 5. The 8 electrochemistry question types for quiz 5 that will be given on Thursday the 14 th are found below. As always I will provide an electrochemistry practice quiz this weekend and the TAs will provide another Sunday or Monday. Identifying oxidation and reduction in a chemical reaction Balancing a chemical reaction in acid or base Assigning cell convention in an electrochemical cell Understanding the table of standard half cell reduction potentials Calculating a standard cell potential Nernst equation calculation Ranking oxidizing and reducing agents Stoichiometry calculation using the Faraday 6. Painful as this may be, to stay close to on schedule I will give my last lecture on electrochemistry today and be moving on to kinetics on Thursday. Any material on electrochemistry that sort of flew by you because you were focusing on exam 2 material can be found in the video clips. 7. Oh, and here are the question types for quiz 6 which is coming up in a few weeks
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rm040511 - Random MusingsApril 5, 2011 1. The scores for...

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