rm041911 - CH302 Random Musings 1 We are rolling downhill...

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CH302 Random Musings, April 19, 2011 1. We are rolling downhill to the finish line. A reminder that the last random musings was a tour de force of important information--all the questions for the rest of the course and all the extra credits for the rest of the course are found in that musings. So rather than repeat all of them, I respectively point you to that musings when necessary. 2. So where are we with electrochemistry? Generally quiz 5 was fine with an average near 80. Most missed was the balanced reaction but for no really good reason—it was actually a problem I worked in pretty much every discussion session last week. Still, good work. 3. Miranda’s worksheet video clips on electrochemistry are up—my apologies on the delay. I took home the wrong flash drive for the weekend and didn’t discover the error until it was too late. 4. Today is the last day of kinetics and I will work a kinetics worksheet for you to try and summarize how you use kinetics data (concentration-time data at different temperatures) can be used to find important kinetics parameters (order, rate, rate constant, amount, activation energy, pre-exponential factor.) 5. There is a quiz 6 next Tuesday--the question types and format will look staggeringly like my practice quiz, so I hope you referenced it when preparing for the quiz. assigning rate expressions method of initial rates reaction order from rate constants Arrhenius calculation integrated rate law calculation half life calculation collision and transition state theory reaction mechanism 6. A bit of advice on what makes kinetics so challenging. In a word: vocabulary. Unlike acid base equilibrium where I spent 2 months teaching you how to reduce the problems to simple common forms like A - or BH + , the material in kinetics is very broadly and quickly covered and involves concepts that will be unfamiliar even to people who had a lot of chemistry in high school. And to top it off, look at what it all seems like such a blur as you consider trying to distinguish the following phrases from one another: Rate Rate expression Rate constant • Differential rate law • Integrated rate law • Method of initial rates
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7. Lots of kinetics support material is being rolled out.
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rm041911 - CH302 Random Musings 1 We are rolling downhill...

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