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3-22-11 - DISCUSSION BOARD POSTING When confronted with...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/22/11 DISCUSSION BOARD POSTING When confronted with losses such as Dax's loss of his sense of self, or parents dealing with a child whose life has become in some sense not worth living, we move through what has been called a grief process in which our emotions and opinions change. Given this, write about whether the request to die should be honored, when it should be honored, and who should ultimately decide. Two or three paragraphs will be sufficient. This posting should be made before class on Tuesday March 29th. Next Exam: April 26th Know links between 3 cases Dax Case Science and technology were able to keep people alive. Came back from Vietnam, to his dad in east Texas,…. Wants to die.. Film: 27 years old, unmarried, very active, jet pilot in airforce, came home to work in real estate w/ father, July 1973 explosion from car when at a real estate properity with dad. Dad died on way to hospital. He was transferred from hospital to rehabilitation. He wanted to die when he was at the hospital: Badly burned, Had bad nightmares that the doctors and nurses where using him for experiments and drinking booze. Didn’t want to go home as a blind and crippled. He was told through surgical methods, his hands and stuff could be restored to somewhat useful, but he did not want surgery because he felt they could not be restored enough. After he had the surgery, he said he had more faith in what a surgeon could do before. It was likely that he would die of infection if he left the hospital to go home from the open burned wounds. He would rather do away with his own life. He doesn’t see why someone should be forced to continue living under doctor care. That the decision for a person to live or die should be up to the doctor. He feels he should be able to decide if he wants to terminate his own life. 3/24/11 Fill in the blank on next exam: His middle name is ROY 4 plans for the future: education, family, help others, have fun 4 favorite activities: wakeboarding, hiking, snowboarding, sleeping 4 things you like most about yourself: healthy, looks, family background, mind 4 favorite people: mom, dad, Vanessa, Justin We hold on longest to people we care about DAX ten years later: A leak in the propane tank, filled the creak bed they were in with propane. Not enough oxygen to support combustion explosion ...
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