3-25-11disscussion session

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Unformatted text preview: 3/25/11 discussion I completely understand that Dax feels he should be able to decide if he wants to terminate his own life: to me, that sounds like a human right, which implies a freedom of choice. However, could not anyone make this decision to terminate his or her own life? Dax’s situation is indeed, very intense: which makes his sense of self so low, he felt his life was not worth living. Everyone moves through this grief process in a wide variety of other situations as emotions and opinions change. When we listed 16 of our favorite qualities in class, I never crossed off one of my favorite people. This was to prove that we hold on longest to people we care about. In Dax’s situation, I am sure his mother cared more for Dax than any other when making those decisions. Also, if you think about the doctor’s situation, his job is to do everything in his power to save the patients brought to him. As a student of the natural sciences college, I can only imagine how difficult it would get through all the school, practice, and hard work doctors go through to get where they are, basically devoting their life to help and save other lives. If Dax is living a happy life 10 years later, why has he not yet killed himself if he still wishes the doctors had helped him die? Lacy Jordan Lj5655 ...
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