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4/1/11 I cannot help but wonder if religion would have major role in someone’s decision to receive euthanasia, if they were able. Craig was an agnostic, who does not deeply, and truly believe of the existence or nature of God, or of anything beyond existence; he claims neither faith nor disbelief in God. Craig believes in no afterlife or everlasting soul: death is the end. Although Craig was not tired of living, only tired of the disease, he felt that death was the only way out, and that would be the end. However, if Craig were say, “religious,” or believed in everlasting life after death, I wonder if he’s choice would have been the same. It seems Craig believed in living life in the present, and because he was
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Unformatted text preview: paralyzed, he felt he could not live right. I got this idea from the tiger story he told: A monk was being chased by a tiger, then ran into another tiger, giving the monk no way out of death. So the monk saw a strawberry bush and plucked a strawberry to eat, savoring the delicious taste. This story shows Craig lived his life by savoring what he has at each moment during life: I think Craig felt as if he had nothing to savor, and the only way out was to end his life. Could a person’s beliefs, or how an individual views life be the deciding factor for someone to want to end their life, no matter how severe their condition?...
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