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4/8/11 Give some thought and write your initial ideas to this week's discussion board prompt: My initial thoughts over the issues that drew my attention in the Assisted Suicide and the Right to Die section of class are overwhelming. This topic brought situations to my mind that I have never had to make, face, or think about. The article by Timothy E. Quill, M.D. in It’s Over Debbie greatly inspired me because it is very rare to find someone on this earth who will do the right thing, no matter what! For Quill to write Diane a prescription with an “uneasy” feeling by facing the “spiritual, legal, professional, and personal” boundaries, only for a result of setting a patient free by giving her the most out of the time she had left, knowing she would die
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Unformatted text preview: anyways, proves to me, a rare, inspiring individual, and a doctor who truly cares. Additionally, Dax Cowart, Craig in Suicide Tourist, and the court cases, all contain very different situations and opinions, to which there is no certain right or wrong ultimate decision. Without a living will, there is no sure decision of what someone wants. Even if someone has a certain gut decision, “decisions near the end of life should never be easy.” Though these many different situations, with numerous opinions from the public, helped lead to justifying the violation of the important moral imperatives by drawing boundaries to resolve dilemmas. Lacy Jordan Lj5655...
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