3 - 2/1 13th amendment abolish slavery 14th amendment...

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2/1 13 th amendment: abolish slavery 14 th amendment: lynching and capital punishment crystallizing events motivate and change evolution morals Lynchburg Charles Darwin: survival of the fittest: societies depend on certain things: societys will be weakened by certain individuals. Believed negative traits were passed down from one generation to the next. Led to eugenics movement. Feeble minded ppl were a drag on society, referred to a parasites. Moral systems evolve through new technology and past events Buck vs. Bill: Read! Never been overturned. 2/3/11 Buck v Bill All 3 were childhood friends and supported eugenics. 3 rd paragraph Taking away rights w/ care Was what they did to Carrie right Crystal Event: clarifies and negotiates Buck vs. Bill is crystallizing event to protect us Needed a consistent law that applied everywhere to all the states 1922 Virgina passed statue 1927 carrie 1931: 27 states passed law 1933: Hitler came to power In Germany, anyone could then be sterilized, not just feeble minded WWII and holocaust was GIANT crystallizing event Some lives are more worthy of protection and support than others This awakened the world: clarified: Civil rights movement Trials: Doctor trials: use collective good and experiment on them Civil rights and Human rights
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3 - 2/1 13th amendment abolish slavery 14th amendment...

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