18 - based on many factors: my cousins age, size, gender,...

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Write a paragraph (4-6 sentences) where you describe a moment or event when you have evaluated a person’s/group’s life as less than another’s. Why do you think you made this choice? 2/18/11 Discussion To me, it seems that evaluating one person’s life more or less than another’s is almost part of human nature. These moments in life heavily depend on the specific situation and numerous determining factors of an individual’s status. The first moment that comes to mind of when I have been guilty of this act was last summer when I went hiking. My two strong, big, brothers and my seven-year-old cousin Ashley wanted to come hiking with me. I stayed beside my little cousin the whole way up and down the very steep hill, covered in loose rocks, while my older brothers zoomed way ahead of us the whole hike. I evaluated my brothers’ life less than my cousin’s. I think I did this
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Unformatted text preview: based on many factors: my cousins age, size, gender, knowledge, and experience. It seemed to me that my cousin had a higher chance of getting hurt or lost, along with a smaller ability to recover if badly injured. Lacy Jordan Lj5655 2/18/11 Discussion Is a fetus life or not? We have learned that it is not considered so under the constitution, but in film Silent Scream , the fetus was described as life in detailed characteristics. I feel it is hard to apply certain circumstances to justify abortion. It reminds me of the relationship a species has in the evolutionary tree from my biology class: they all descend from a common ancestor or inherit identical traits. I personally think abortion is a horrible thing, but individual situations vary so greatly, I cannot bring my self to draw a concrete line between life, abortion, and the fetus. Lacy Jordan Lj5655...
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