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3/ 4/11 I feel that the issues covered over Baby Doe on wither the parents/family or doctors/hospitals should deicide is a no brainer. If I were in a situation like Stinson’s in the Future of Baby Doe, I could only imagine how hard it must have been to expect a new member in the family only to know my own child would not survive. I think it would be hard enough as it is to accept the truth. If I were forced to have my newborn child receive care, knowing he/she was suffering and would not survive in the end, would
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Unformatted text preview: be even harder. However, all parents may not truly care for their child. Therefore I can see where guidelines must be drawn for medical personal if a newborn child, with a high chance of survival, needs hospitalized care. But I think the ultimate decision of a newborn with a very slim chance at surviving, and living a livable life, should be applied to the parents or family, with statistical and knowledgeable advise from their doctor. Lacy Jordan Lj5655...
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