32511am - BIOLOGY 325 GENETICS Fall, 2011 Meeting: MWF...

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BIOLOGY 325 GENETICS Fall, 2011 Meeting: MWF 11-12 Uniques: 49015-49030 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Raymond Neubauer, e-mail: [email protected] Place: WEL 2.308 Office Hours : Weds. 4-5, Th. 5-6, F. 3-4 & by appt. / Office ( new! ): PAI 1.13E / 471-4741 TA : Gabriel Wu, Office Hrs: M, Tu 4-5 pm, W 10-11 am in MBB 3.210B, 232-3919, [email protected] Textbook : Leland Hartwell et al., Genetics: From Genes to Genome s , 4 rd ed., 2011 (Note: 3rd ed. will also do; all assignments for 3rd ed. posted at our website). Also required: an i>Clicker. This course provides an overview of modern genetics from both a molecular and Mendelian perspective. Wherever possible, we will try to integrate these two fields. Prerequisites: Bio 311C & 311D. **It is important to download lecture outlines every week from our Course Page (details for getting to the website on reverse side). Illustrations as well as topic outlines will be posted by Sunday evening. 6 p.m ., at the latest for forthcoming weeks. Be sure to print these out and bring them to class with you each day . They are overview notes, and we will fill in many details during class time. Two important cautions: these notes are incomplete – you still need to come to class to fill in the details. Secondly, you should still read the assigned chapters to give you background on the subjects. Don’t assume everything you need to know on these topics will be fully covered in class. We will sometimes not be able to cover every topic of a chapter in lecture, though the whole reading should be helpful to you. Your reading should keep up with the order of topics being covered in class, and in some cases it may be helpful to do the reading after we have gone over the topic in class. You will be responsible on the exams only for topics we covered in class , and for those topics, you should know both what was in the textbook and the lecture. My exams will be drawn mainly from the lectures, so it is important that you be here, even though attendance will not be taken. I suggest you exchange phone numbers with at least one other person in the class, so if you miss a class, you can get the notes. You will always be responsible for what happens in class, including the announcements, handouts, and academic material. There are no note taking services in this class. Exams
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This note was uploaded on 08/24/2011 for the course BIO 325 taught by Professor Saxena during the Spring '08 term at University of Texas.

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32511am - BIOLOGY 325 GENETICS Fall, 2011 Meeting: MWF...

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