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02.01.11 COURSES OF INTEREST TO PRE-HEALTH PROFESSIONS STUDENTS (See course schedule for prerequisites and when course is offered.) BDP 101: Professional Ethics: Law/Business/Medicine BDP 101: Social Inequality, Health, & Policy BDP 101: Lessons in Ethical Leadership Studies BDP 306: Fundamentals of Ethical Leadership BDP 329: Ethics, Law, and Health Care BME 301: World Health and Biotechnology CC 306M: Intro to Medical and Scientific Terminology CMS 306M: Professional Communication Skills CMS 310K: Team-Based Communication CMS 314L: Language, Communication, & Culture - W CMS 315M: Interpersonal Communication Theory CMS 355K: Intercultural Communication ECO 350K: Health Economics GRG 357: Medical Geography (same as AMS 357) HDF 313: Child Development HDF 335: Adult Development HIS 322M: History of Modern Science HIS 350L: History of Chinese Medicine - W
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Unformatted text preview: HIS 350R: American Cultural History of Alcohol/Drugs - W NTR 312: Fundamentals of Nutrition PHL 304: Contemporary Moral Problems PHL 316K: Science and Philosophy PHL 318: Introduction to Ethics PHL 322: Science and the Modern World PHL 325M: Medicine, Ethics and Society PHL 363L: Philosophy of Biology PHR 310K: Drugs in Our Society (spring only) PHR 338: Introduction to Pharmacology PSY 341K: Health Psychology PSY 353K: Psychopharmacology SOC 308: The health-related topics vary by semester SOC 330C: Death and Dying: Social Perspectives SOC 336D: Race, Class, and Health - W SOC 354K: Sociology of Health and Illness (spring only) SPN 367K: Spanish for Health Care Professionals S W 360K: Dynamics of Chemical Dependence S W 360K: Treatment of Chemical Dependence WGS 345: Psychosocial Issues in Womens Health - W...
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