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REVIEW AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (WK7) Choose one question that has not been answered yet from Operations & Supply Management Review & Discussion Questions on pages 505, 537, 578, or 614. Develop a 'one paragraph' answer to the question and submit it to the classroom. If all questions have been taken, perform a web search on an assigned topic, write a narrative, and submit it to the classroom as a discussion note. Respond to at least one weekly discussion question answer (other than your own) in the classroom. 1. CH17, P578, Q2 – Distinguish between in-process inventory, safety stock inventory, and seasonal inventory? In-process inventory - Consists of those items of material components and partially completed goods, parts or
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Unformatted text preview: subassemblies that are currently in the production process. Safety-stock inventory- Is set so that inventory is maintained to satisfy some maximum level of demand. Exists to counter uncertainties within supply and demand; extra goods of inventory carried as protection against possible shortfalls. Seasonal inventory- Inventory that is accumulated to meet some periodic increase in demand or to meet the shortfall caused by erratic production. Reference: Operations & Supply Management, Jacobs, Chase & Aquilano, Chapter 17, Page 547
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