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Review & Discussion Questions (WK6)

Review & Discussion Questions (WK6) - enhancement...

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1 REVIEW AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (WK6) Choose one question that has not been answered yet from Operations & Supply Management Review & Discussion Questions on pages 398, 419, 443, or 465. Develop a 'one paragraph' answer to the question and submit it to the classroom. If all questions have been taken, perform a web search on an assigned topic, write a narrative, and submit it to the classroom as a discussion note. Respond to at least one weekly discussion question answer (other than your own) in the classroom. CH12, P420, Q3 Why must lean have a stable schedule? Lean involves customers and suppliers as an integral part of the process. Customers provide product
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Unformatted text preview: enhancement, modification, and usage data. Suppliers work with the manufacturing organization to coordinate delivery and raw material or other input production. Stable schedule is required because any changes in the final product schedule are magnified backward along the line. This schedule must be frozen at some point. Also, because suppliers and vendors are delivering in small batches just as materials are needed, they need accurate information about the build schedule so that they can plan their corresponding deliveries. Reference: Operations & Supply Management, Jacobs, Chase & Aquilano, Chapter 12, Pages 416-419...
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