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1 REVIEW AND DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (WK1) CH1, P19, Q1 - What is the difference between OSM and OR/MS? Between OSM and IE? CH1, P19, Q10 – What are value-added services and what are the benefits to external customers? In the restaurant business value addition is giving our customers more value for the money he/she is spending in a restaurant. In short it is going beyond the expected customer service. Value-added services differentiate the organization from competitors and build relationships that bind customers to the firm in a positive way (sales
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Unformatted text preview: and field support, problem solving, etc). Some benefits to the customers would be: support, more value for their money, good experience, and the feeling of being important. References: Operations & Supply Management, Jacobs, Chase & Aquilano, pg 18, 384, & 386...
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