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Week 1 CH2, Pg 33, Q10 P10 - A fast-food restaurant serves hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and chicken sandwiches. The restaurant counts a cheeseburger as equivalent to 1.25 hamburgers and chicken sandwiches as 0.8 hamburgers. Current employment is five full-time employees (who work a 40-hour week). If the restaurant sold 700 hamburgers, 900 cheeseburgers, and 500 chicken sandwiches in one week, what is the productivity? What would its productivity have been if it had sold the same
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Unformatted text preview: number of sandwiches (2,100) but the mix was 700 of each type? Part Output in Hamburger Equivalents Input in Hours Productivity (Output/Input) Hamburgers 700 Cheeseburgers 900X(1.25)=1125 Chicken Sand-wiches 500X(0.8) =400 2,225 200 2,225 / 200 = 11.125 Hamburgers 700 Cheeseburgers 700X(1.25)=875 Chicken Sand-wiches 700X(0.8) =560 2,135 200 2,135 / 200 = 10.675...
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