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Lecture (WK8) - Lecture(WK8 Critical Success Factors In...

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Lecture (WK8) Critical Success Factors In Scheduling People And Products Hello Again Class - In this final lecture an overall operations management strategy is presented. . This strategy was provided by the United States Government Accounting Office (GAO) as a guideline for executives in linking the vital components of an organization. (Executive Guide for Improving Mission Performance Through Stategic Information Management and Technology. Publication AIMD-94-115).
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The graphic gives an overall picture of the operating strategy suggested for linking key components of an organization. The specifics of how these should be connected is described in the following narrative. Mission The mission must be clearly defined and tied to customer need. Clearly defined performance goals and indicators should be included in the mission.
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Organizational processes, systems, and people should be aligned to achieve the mission Strategic projects should be observed to assure return on investment is adequate. Work Process
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Lecture (WK8) - Lecture(WK8 Critical Success Factors In...

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