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Lecture (WK1) - Lecture (WK1) Historical Development of...

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Lecture (WK1) Historical Development of Operations Management Hello Class - Each week a lecture and reading assignment notes will be available to indicate key pointers or issues that should be kept in mind as assignments are completed. These will prepare you for the weekly quiz and the final examination. They have been selected and presented to emphasize the core outcomes and weekly objectives for the course. Pay particular attention to the bullets in the reading assignment and the narrative given for the videos. A suggestion is to study these 'guidelines' before reading the text and watching the videos. Although the video clips are short - they are 'as is said' worth a thousand words. Please view these using the compact disk that comes with your text. You will discover key points in them which will be a valuable activity in preparing for the weekly quiz. There will also be material to help incorporate ideas into professional or personal activities. These are provided to give ideas for in the lessons learned activity to be completed as the final assignment of the week. Ideas For Exploration:: The essence of operations management can be summarized by the following definition: Operations is responsible for supplying the product or service of organization. Operation managers make decisions regarding the operations function and its connection with other functions. The operations mangers plan and controls the production system and its interfaces within the organization and with the external environment. (Schroeder, Roger G., Operations Management, McGraw Hill) You can make all the plans you will, plot to make a fortune in the commodities market, speculate on developing trends: all will likely come to naught, for "however carefully you plan for the future, someone else's actions will inevitably modify the
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Lecture (WK1) - Lecture (WK1) Historical Development of...

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