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Lecture (WK2) - Lecture (WK2) General Guidelines For...

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Lecture (WK2) General Guidelines For Learning Hello Class - Last week we studied the topic of learning curves. This week we will explore how the material we studied on learning can be applied through the class project. Key points covered on learning are as follows: Individual learning is improvement that results when people repeat a process and gain skill or efficiency from their own experience. Organizational learning results from practice as well, but it also comes from changes in administration, equipment, and product design. As individuals we become better by applying past knowledge and practice to current situations. In some cases this comes intuitively. For other cases we use an organized program to assist with our practice. Organizations attempt to move away from the intuitive approach and tend to be more structured. One technique that is beneficial to both individuals and organizations is to structure selected activities into projects. Defining, planning, and managing projects consist of processes that can be repeated. By using the project approach individuals and organizations can apply past experience to current situations. Project assignments in this course will take you through the processes required to define and plan a project. Each week the project assignments deals with one process - and one piece of the project plan. At the end of the course the pieces will be integrated into one document. This document will be a complete
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Lecture (WK2) - Lecture (WK2) General Guidelines For...

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