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Lecture (WK6) - Lecture (WK6) Enterprise Management Models...

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Lecture (WK6) Enterprise Management Models Hello Again Class - This week we look at enterprise resource planning (ERP) and the models used to manage an enterprise. These are concepts that reorganize the information used to manage operations of an organization. In the past the information technology has supported separate information for each organizational entity. Financial accounting systems housed accounting data, sales and distribution systems housed the marketing data, human resources systems housed administrative data, and manufacturing systems housed facility and product data.
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Data regarding production of a specific product existed in four places in the information technology systems. In some cases the data was not in the same format or located on the same type of equipment. If an manager wanted to review the operations the data needed to be collected from four different systems. For example - data for overhead cost, manpower expended, manufacturing equipment usage, and customer demand came from four different systems. Updated data for a specific product was necessary in four different systems. This update might be a
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Lecture (WK6) - Lecture (WK6) Enterprise Management Models...

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