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Lecture (WK7) - Lecture (WK7) MRP And The Global Economy...

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Lecture (WK7) MRP And The Global Economy Hello Again Class - As mentioned earlier some organizations have chosen information technology other than enterprise resource planning systems to support operations management. A popular approach is to extend the capabilities of the Materials Requirement Planning (MRP) system to selected areas. This captures the data and interfaces already existing from a current MRP system and reduces the effort in implementing new data, process, and software for a new system. The graphic shows the use of this approach for a geographically distributed organization. MRP provides the central database for a construction project in the Middle East supported by offices in Europe
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The MRP database and software is housed in a computer at the headquarters of the company in California. Telecommunications connect the headquarters system with the purchasing office office in England, the shipping office in Holland, and the job site in Saudi Arabia. A simple flow of activities where MRP is the central repository is shown below. They are simplified to
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Lecture (WK7) - Lecture (WK7) MRP And The Global Economy...

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