Overview (WK3)

Overview (WK3) - Week3:Week3(Jun21Jun28)...

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Week 3: Week 3 (Jun 21 - Jun 28)   Week 3: Process Analysis Core Learning Outcomes: 1. List three ways to develop new products 2. Define the term service in relation to operation management Supplementary Objectives: 1. Understand managing the design, building, and distribution of manufacdtured products 2. Review techns for facility layout in manufacturing and service operations 3. Identify success factors in service product design and process selection Activities: Lecture: Use of Project Concepts in Operations Management Reading Assignment: Operations & Supply Management Chapters 5, 5A, 6, 6A, Text CD PowerPoint Slides & Videos for Assigned Chapters Discussion Question: Choose one question that has not been answered yet from Operations & Supply Management Review & Discussion Questions on pages 136, 154, 180, or 201. Develop a 'one paragraph' answer to the question and submit it to the classroom. If all questions have been taken, perform a web search on an assigned topic, write a narrative, and submit it to the classroom as a discussion note. Respond to at least one weekly discussion question answer (other than your own) in the classroom.
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Overview (WK3) - Week3:Week3(Jun21Jun28)...

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