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Project(WK1) - project description to the classroom Also send it to the instructor by e-mail for approval and comments Key Points Project activity

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Project (WK1) Individual Project: Review possibilities for an individual project. During the course you will be developing a project plan for an activity with which you are familiar. You should choose a simple activity from your personal life or one at work. The activity should have a definite beginning, a definite completion point, milestones to be achieved, and resources to be applied. The project must involve more than one person. Submit your
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Unformatted text preview: project description to the classroom. Also send it to the instructor by e-mail for approval and comments. Key Points- Project activity can be personal or work related- Must have a definite beginning and completion times-- Must have definite intermediate times for milestones- Must use resources- Must involve more than one person Projects that do not have the characteristics above will not be approved by the instructor....
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