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Project (WK5) - peer and instructor review Key Points The...

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Project (WK5) Individual Project: Develop a schedule for your individual project plan. Include the tasks, subtasks, and activities shown on the work breakdown structure as they relate to milestones shown in the statement of work. Identify the time required to complete the tasks, subtasks, and activities. Show the sequence of tasks, subtasks, and activities and how they relate to each other including dependencies and precedence relationships. Identify the critical path for the schedule. Submit the schedule to the classroom for
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Unformatted text preview: peer and instructor review. Key Points The submitted schedule structure must have the following:-Tasks and subtasks shown in the work breakdown structure- Use of the same numbering system in the work breakdown structure- Milestones shown in the statement of work- How tasks relate to each other (dependencies, precedences, etc.)- Identification of the critical path A schedule must contain all these items to be an acceptable assignment....
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