Quiz 6 - Quiz 6 (WK6) JIT is an integrated set of...

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Quiz 6 (WK6) 1. JIT is an integrated set of activities designed to achieve high-volume production using minimal inventories of raw materials, work in process, and finished goods. ( Pg 404 ) (Points : 1) True False 2. Which of the following are related to JIT? www-personal.umich.edu/~drossin/Keys/M05.doc (Points : 1) A philosophy of waste elimination Lean consumption Never running out of inventory The Waehi-Sabrau method 3 . Implementing ERP usually requires major change in the way the enterprise is run, ( Pg 463-465 ) (Points : 1) True False 4. “Drilling down,” in the context of the information wareho use, means getting an increasingly detailed and focused view of aggregated data, ( Pg 459 ). (Points : 1) True False 5. In designing a JIT plant layout a designer should do which of the following? (Pages 404-408) (Points : 1) Design for work flow balance Locate flexible JIT workstations off line Link operations through a push system Balance capacity using job shop analysis Always keep operations on a single floor of the factory
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Quiz 6 - Quiz 6 (WK6) JIT is an integrated set of...

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