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Statement of Work (SOW) Knapp’s Backyard Grass 1.0 Background: Rocks are not very good on the Knapp family dog paws for walking, running or laying. The Knapp’s want grass sod that will grow in part shade, direct sunlight, and be able to withstand high traffic from their eight dogs. The new lawn will also give their kids a safer place to play than the current layer of sharp rocks. 2.0 Objective: To replace the rocks in the backyard with grass sod that will grow in the shade, sun and withstand high traffic areas. 3.0 Major Milestones 01. Have rocks removed. 02. Measure backyard. 03. Determine supplies and quantities needed to complete this project by creating lists. 04. Review lists. 05. Rent and purchase any equipment and supplies.
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Unformatted text preview: 06. Loosen soil. 07. Level soil. 08. Lay Sod. 4.0 Criteria for Milestones 01. Verify that each milestone is completed on time. 5.0 Deliverables 01. Have rocks removed and backyard measured in week 1. 02. Create & review lists, and rent/purchase equipment/supplies needed in week 2. 03. Loosen soil in week 2 & 3. 04. Level soil in week 3 & 4. 05. Lay grass sod in week 4 & 5. 6.0 Required Written Reports 01. Written plan report. 02. Budget report. 03. Labor report. 04. Status report. 7.0 Place of Performance 01. The Knapp’s residents in El paso, TX 02. Their backyard. 8.0 Period of Performance 01. Start date: 05 Jul 10. 02. End date: 03 Aug 10....
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