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Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Knapp’s Backyard Grass 1.0 Prepare Backyard (Self): 1.1 Remove all rocks from backyard. 1.2 Measure yard area for where grass will be placed. 2.0 Determine Budget (Together): 2.1 Determine supplies and quantities needed to complete this project. 2.2 Create buying list. 2.2.1 List the items to be purchased. 2.2.2 List tools to rent. 2.2.2 List tools to buy. 2.2.3 List supplies to buy. 2.3 Review buying lists with father n law. 2.4 Visit several home improvement stores. 2.4.1 Obtain estimate from Home Depot. 2.4.2 Obtain estimate from Lowes. 2.4.3 Decide on which estimate to use. 2.5 Purchase tools and supplies from home improvement store. 2.5.1 Go to home improvement store and purchase supplies and tools needed. 2.6 Reserve rental equipment. 2.6.1 Call rental store and reserve equipment. 2.6.2 Pick-up equipment from rental store. 2.7 Reserve purchase of sod from store.
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Unformatted text preview: 2.7.1 Pick-up sod after soil is leveled. 3.0 Prepare Soil (Together) 3.1 Have soil pH tested. 3.1. Adjust the pH, if necessary. 3.2 Use rented rototiller. 3.2.1 Break up the compacted soil. 3.3 Use a starter fertilizer. 3.3.1 Spread over the now-loosened soil with a soil conditioner. 3.4 Remove any rocks and debris 3.4.1 Rake the soil to begin leveling it out. 3.4.2 Use a roller to finish leveling the soil. 3.5 Lay the sod on leveled soil. 3.5.1 Begin on the outer edges, unrolling a roll of sod on the far left-hand side. 3.5.2 Then unroll another on the far right-hand side. 3.5.3 After laying these 2 rolls of sod, work your way in towards the center with subsequent strips. 3.5.4 If a strip of sod appears too low, shim it with topsoil to bring it up to the proper level. 3.6 Use roller again to remove any air pockets. 3.7 Water newly laid sod. 3.7.1 Water every day for the first couple weeks....
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