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WHAT I LEARNED 28 Jul- 2010 Dispatching I learned the meaning of dispatching within the typical scheduling and control functions in operations and supply management. Dispatching is determining the sequence of order performance. In the military the 92A’s were dispatching the different military equipment to the operators . It was done in the order of the number on the bumpers, sometimes they would go by first come, first serve. Most would have to wait for they fell to Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
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Unformatted text preview: ( PMCS) their equipment first. Others know “dispatching software” that is used for service management companies in scheduling their service calls and new installs. References: Jacobs, R. F., Chase, R. B., & Aquilano, N. J. (2009). Operations & supply management (12th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin, Pages 625 & 642. http://www.dispatched.com/...
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