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Assignment formal analysis of art

Assignment formal analysis of art - Assignment Formal...

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Assignment: Formal Analysis of Art Yolanda Campos ART/101 January 23, 2011 Kelli Dower
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Vincent van Gogh pained the swirling turmoil of line that makes up The Starry Night, he wrote to his brother Theo with this quote “Is it not emotion, the sincerity of one’s feeling for nature, which draws us?” Vincent van Gogh painting inspired Pat Steir I her work with his emotion and style she says “is like getting onto a merry-go-round, you paican’t stop. . . . It’s like endless movement.” Van Gogh’s paintings are the most personally expressive; his use of line is loose and free like a signature, it identifies the artist himself, his deeply anguished and creative genius. Sol LeWitt,Wall Drawing No. 681 C, a wall divided vertically into four equal squares separated and bordered by black bands. Within each square, bands in one of four directions, each with color ink washes superimposed. Sol LeWitt employs a line that is equally autographic, recognizably his own, and his line is precise, controlled, mathematically rigorous, logical, and rationally organized. Vincent
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