Assignment Painting Styles

Assignment Painting Styles - Painting Styles Yolanda Campos...

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Painting Styles Yolanda Campos ART/101 February 6, 2011 Kelli Dower
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Jacques Louis David was “the most accomplished of the neoclassical painters” (Sayre, 2010). The Death of Marat painting was a celebration of “fallen hero of the revolution” (Sayre, 2010). “Slain in his bath by monarchist-a sympathizer with the overthrown king” (Sayre, 2010). Jacques David posed Marat as Christ with “his arm draping over the edge of the tub” (Sayre, 2010). In 1804 Napoleon crowns himself Emperor of France. “David saw Napoleon as the salvation of France and he received important commissions from the new Emperor” (Sayre, 2010). Jacques David painting called The Emperor Napoleon in His Study at the Tuileries in 1812 was described by the artist “Napoleon tireless diligence: he is in his study… the candles flickering and the clock striking four remind him that the day is about to break… he rises… to pass his troops in review” (, 2011). Napoleon was actually posed for this painting that conveys three aspects of his public image: soldier, emperor, and administrator. In the painting you can see that Napoleon is a great general of ancient history and reinforce the meaning that shows in the painting like Napoleon’s uniform, sword and campaign maps and on the chair are golden bees
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Assignment Painting Styles - Painting Styles Yolanda Campos...

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