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Checkpoint Drawings Week 5 ART 101

Checkpoint Drawings Week 5 ART 101 - not only that both of...

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Checkpoint Drawings Week 5 ART 101 Yolanda Campos Michelangelo’s drawings were unique most of his drawings were of naked men, I think that Michelangelo drawings are formed and have a different meaning to each drawings. As an artist of Michelangelo view is more on how his creativity comes to life in his artwork. Leonardo de Vinci is one of the greatest artists; he had many different views of everything like the human form and the inside of the human body. He was more like a scientist and a great artist, his drawings were of the study of the nature and his drawings have more detail than Michelangelo. I look at Leonardo drawing and Michelangelo and I can see the different,
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Unformatted text preview: not only that both of them like to draw naked male models but also drawing portraits of older men and younger female but only Leonardo drawings have more details that make the picture come to life. I think that both of the artists use their creativity on paper for ideas and sketches for a method of building their composition. I believe that Leonardo’s drawings are used for today’s value on how the body works by using his great knowledge of thinking. Leonardo De Vinci also did the study of animals like cats and horses; his mind was like an on-going critical observer on how things are creative by God and how they work....
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