Assignment Dehydration SCI241

Assignment Dehydration SCI241 - DEHYDRATION Dehydration...

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DEHYDRATION Dehydration Yolanda Campos SCI/241 August 14, 2011
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DEHYDRATION Dehydration Why do our bodies need water and why is it so important for us to drink water? Water is essential to human’s health. We can last days without food but only hours without water. Drinking water is another way of staying healthy; water helps clean up tainted body fluids. Water makes up about 50 to 70 percent of body weight. Water is essential to growth and healthy maintenance. Water helps get rid of waste in our body and helps regulate a body temperature. Water can be lost through urine and body sweat. If we do not drink enough water, we will become dehydrated which will lead to headache, loss of concentration, and tiredness. Dehydration can also cause health problems such as kidney stones and constipation. Water provides many functions in the body. Water helps transport nutrient and waste in and out of the cells. Water also helps regulate our body temperature. An average of 37 liters of water is inside an adult body. Our brains have 75 percent of water, our bones have 25 percent of water, and our blood has about 85 percent of water. Water is lost every day out of our body and drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, we can make sure our body gets plenty of water. When doing physical activity or being out in the sun our body will need triple the normal amount. When the body loses water or get low in water, the body hold on to every drop. Our body stores water outside the cells. The body will treat and replace the lost water. Water is a treatment for retention and to treat it we much give the body what it needs and the stored water will be released. Water can also help with muscle tone and sagging in the skin. Water helps get rid of waste in the body and water can help with constipation. Water helps our body function in many ways such as regulate body temperature, moisten
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Assignment Dehydration SCI241 - DEHYDRATION Dehydration...

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