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Capstone DQ Yolanda Campos In the past 45 years the head nurse had seen many changes due to rules, regulation and health issues. When new diseases are found, changes are made in health care service such as treatments options and resources available to the public. In the spring of 2009, a new flu virus spread quickly across the United States and the world. Just like the H1N1 flu vaccine. No vaccine is 100% safe for everyone. Changes were made everywhere due to the effect the Flu was causing. All employee and health provider was encouraged to get vaccine to prevent any sickness to themselves and patients. Public were advice to disinfect their house and to watch out for any symptoms. Pregnant women and children are more in likely
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Unformatted text preview: valuable to get the vaccine and encourage all to be vaccinated. Taking simple precautions like washing your hands often, protecting your hands from shopping cart handles and door knobs and handles can go a long way in helping to prevent a cold or flu. Hospital would ask all visitors with flu like symptoms to stay away from others and give a mask to cover their cough. When a serve illness arrived in the hospital, it is the hospital responsibility to protect other patients and themselves, also to help the patient in every way as possible. There are many new diseases coming out every year. Treatments have various options depending on the disease such as the impact on hospital care, length of stay, and reimbursement....
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