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Week one HCR 240 DQ 2 - any lost or misplaced records and...

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Week one HCR 240 Yolanda Campos DQ 2: When learning new software, delays may occur when training staff members and upgrading the system making sure automated entry to avoid mistake of wrong information. Staff members can have problems with the software but can gain learning experience; also medical records, while being transfer can be misplaced, lost or stolen. The consequence are paying more to transfer to a new software and training each staff member how to use it, even paying staff members over time. Time will be delay on transferring records to the system and trying to find
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Unformatted text preview: any lost or misplaced records and if stolen, making a report and calling patient to reform them what the situation is and what the action will be. To minimize or avoid obstacles, training staff members what mistakes can be made and how to avoid them. Ask the staff members to come in when office hours are not in process for training, making transfers to each computer and transferring medical records to the software. Also to keep track of each record such as a data log to know if records have been transfer and where records are....
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