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Week 7 DQ 2 HCr240 - patient new or not need to know what...

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Week 7 DQ 2 HCR/240 Yolanda Campos A financial policy is to provide guidelines for the patients and staff members. Financial policy explains about collection, fees, and services. A medical office varies their policy by regulation and state laws. It is important to have a financial policy which the patient can understand and read clearly explaining what the patient should expect from both parties and making sure that all obligations are covered. The financial policy is for the patient to understand and know what he or she is agreeing with the medical office. Having an effective medical financial policy is very important because the practice receive new patient every month and
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Unformatted text preview: patient new or not need to know what the practice rules and regulation are. Also having in writing to all patients can have a better understanding and communication between the patient and staff members. The financial policy explains to the patient on their responsibility when patients do not have health insurance or when their insurance does not cover services. Medical office may not seem like a business to some people but an effective policy state to all patients that they are running a business and they mean business. Every practice state different information and payments according to appointments, missed appointments, and payments arrangements....
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