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Week 9 Capstone DQ SCI275

Week 9 Capstone DQ SCI275 - having food on the table...

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Week 9 Capstone DQ SCI275 Yolanda Campos As an environmental researcher, one of the topics I choose to spend my funds on energy conservation by providing tools needed to build a heating and cooling system to calculate building energy has been used. Also have all rooms audited to save energy with changed of light bulbs and making sure air filters are clean and have all resident know how to save energy by unplugging all unused electronics and keeping air or heaters on the right degree. I choose energy conservation because saving energy and having others know how to save can save them a lot of money. Low-income family have many things to worry about such as paying bills,
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Unformatted text preview: having food on the table, clothing, and household products but there is one thing they do not have to worry, is about finding money to pay their light bill because when learning how and having their home audit can save them money especially with one the equipment we plan to build to find what is the most energy used and help them decrease it. My ultimate goal is to help the environment save energy, from harm(pollution) and renew energy as well as helping others save energy and also helping the environment from danger and the future....
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