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Week 7 DQ 2 SCI 275 - landfills The difference is that...

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Week 7 DQ 2 SCI 275 Yolanda Campos My choice of terrestrial resource challenges is reducing solid waste. The challenges of solid waste are Untied States is the top of other country to produce more solid waste than any other country. An average of 2 kg is produce by an individual every day. The problem is that United Sates is increase solid waste every year as the population is increasing. Things that can be repaired, reused, or recycled are being thrown away. Open dumps was one of a method to dispose non-useful material but now it is illegal because it causes disease to rats and flies. Because of it unsanitary, open dumps were replaced by sanitary
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Unformatted text preview: landfills. The difference is that landfills dispose material in a hole and it’s covered by thin layer sand, which this process is done every day. There are two things that are positive about incineration because solid waste is reduce by 90 percent, second it produce heat that can warm up buildings or generated electricity. The problem is that is pollutes the air. Humans are contributing to this problem because we produce solid waste everywhere every day. Not disposing material properly, throwing repaired, reused, and recycles material....
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