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Week 8 DQ 3 HCR230 Yolanda Campos The difference between inpatient and outpatient care is kind of simple, if the patient comes in for diagnostic tests or any other test or procedure and leaves the hospital in less than 24 hours that is considered outpatient and if the patient stay longer than 24 hours receiving a procedure or procedures such as surgery the patient is already consider an inpatient care and is admitted to the hospital. It may look simple but once the patient has been seen or treated is the time consuming because it matter on how insurance or providers are billed. Each insurance has different benefits and what are covered and not. Outpatient
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Unformatted text preview: and inpatient have a pay differential. Example: if a patient enters the hospital for an x-ray leave in a few minute or hours, patient is consider as an outpatient, and may pay more or less benefits from the health insurance. And if inpatients which stay longer than 24 hours and receive an x-ray while their stay will probably have a higher benefit because they were admitted. Volume 3 is used to code procedures performed during the hospitalization. Different rules apply to inpatient care unlike physician clinics diagnoses. Coders list all condition that affects the patient hospital stay or treatments....
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