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Week 8 DQ 1 HCR230 - emergency have to have a consent form...

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Week 8 DQ 1 HCR230 Yolanda Campos It is important to obtain a written consent form from the patient prior to receiving medical treatment because the patient has every right to decide what treatment is best for them, also they can deny treatment. The physician is to disclose any medical information respectfully. The physician is to give the patient every information necessary to make a decision prior to treatment or procedure. In a medical emergency the condition of a written consent form may not be necessary if the patient needs treatments immediately especially in life treating situations but all
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Unformatted text preview: emergency have to have a consent form unless in an emergency or a representative consent for the patient. Without a written consent form the health care provider may face battery claim for unpermitted touching. Consent forms are very important in many ways to insure that patient is informed with all information and risk available prior to his or her treatment or procedure, also making sure what information can be shared and with whom....
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