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Week 2 DQ 1 HCR230 - disable or retired to stay health and...

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Week 2 DQ 1 HCR230 Yolanda Campos To be a member or receive benefits from Medicare an individual must be eligible at least one of the six category. (1) An individual must be sixty five or older who is paying FICA taxes or railroad retirement taxes for at least forty calendar quarters. (2) An individual who been receiving SSI or railroad retirement disability for more than two years. (3) An individual under eighteen of age that meets SSI criteria. (4) Spouses of entitled individuals who are or were receiving Medicare benefits that are retired, deceased, or disable. (5) Retired CSRS and their spouse. (6) Last but not least, an individual with end-stage renal disease or receiving dialysis, coverage starts the day they start treatment. I think that Medicare’s eligibility limitations are reasonable in scope because many older and younger individual have health problem that cannot help it but deal with and need medical treatment and cannot afford health insurance. So Medicare gives them that help they need being
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Unformatted text preview: disable or retired to stay health and getting all the help they need medically. Young children who are receiving SSI are because their parent fought to get the help they deserve. Children do not ask to be born with health issue, they only ask to get help and receive it and SSI and Medicare gives them that hope. Federal employees and their spouse deserve to have health insurance with all the support and fighting for our country. What I do not agree is individuals who are receiving SSI should not wait for two years to receive benefits because many or all individuals cannot work nor need the medical treatment daily or so. And an individual should not wait until their end of the stage disease or about to die what it may say to receive benefits; benefits should be given to treat disease as soon as possible to avoid the end stage and give individual hopes....
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