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DQ 2 HCR 230 Yolanda Campos Incentives are to provide care according to Medicare program, the lack of care cause negative ramification. Most incentive has both positive and negative features. Medicaid and Medicare patient have an increased of substance abuse. Nursing homes are increasing payments and admitting patients with severely ill diagnose and miraculously recovered in a short period of time. Vaccine were marked as given to the patient when never was received. I my opinion incentives only work when facility and the workers are honest and not
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Unformatted text preview: trying to take more money from the Medicare program. Just because patient have an government health insurance that pay for all their expensive mean exactly to help patients and not lie about what patient do not have or where given. But incentive is a program to make sure Medicare patient are treated right and physician are doing their best to make sure of it. But I also think that someone or something can make sure physician and other facility are not taking the advantages of Medicare patients....
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