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Anthro 5 18:01 Environment, society, and culture in particular societies Evolution? The Nuer      E.E. Evans Pritchard (1940) Agricultural Involution      Clifford Geertz (1963) The Nuer       Environmental >Livelihood> Society/Culture Grasslands>Cattle>Social and Political Organization (segmentary) Cattle o “Nuer tend to define all social processes and relationships in terms of  cattle. Their social idiom is a bovine idiom” o every social transaction is done through cattle Environment o Grasslands o Rain/dry seasons o Flat lands with clay soil o Flooding/ drought o Agriculture unreliable o “…an environmental system which directly conditions Nuer life and  influences their social structure.” Production o Cattle must be kept in dry areas o Some agriculture in high areas o Fishing in low areas o Transhumance
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Environment/Society/Culture o Sparse settlements, small, separate political groups: segmentation
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Anthropology5_Environment_Society_Culture - Anthro5 18:01...

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