Anthropology5_Problem_Set_5 - Anthropology 005 Introduction...

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Unformatted text preview: Anthropology 005 Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 5: Distinctive and no-so-distinctive traits of humans 1. If its good, it will spread. Is the preceding phrase is an accurate or inaccurate description of evolution by natural selection? Explain why or why not. If good means that it is good for the gene or the individual then it will spread because that individual will be able to reproduce and pass on the beneficial trait. Natural Selection isnt concerned about the well being of an entire species or population, but rather the individual. 2. Use both words and the trait space to define cooperation, selfishness, spite and altruism in evolutionary terms. Cooperation (+, +) occurs when individuals help each other a equal amount, selfishness ( +, -)is when the actor receives benefit at the others cost, spite (-,-) is when both individuals take costs, and altruism (-,+) is when the actor takes a cost himself, but is benefitting another....
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Anthropology5_Problem_Set_5 - Anthropology 005 Introduction...

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