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Anthropology 005, Introduction to Physical Anthropology Problem Set # 8: Sexual Selection, Evolution of Behavior, and Parent-Offspring Conflict. 1. In obligately sexual species, there seem to regularly be two morphs that we call male and female. A. What selection pressures keep male and females phenotypes similar? Men and women need to defend against external agents such as microscopic ones, as well as finding food, Environmental pressures keep male and female phenotypes similar because they would both need to be able to survive in the same environment in order to reproduce. B. What selection pressures might push male and females phenotypes apart? Mating and mate competition Pressures such as finding mates or sexual selection pressure can push male and female phenotypes apart, especially when males need to be big and strong to fight each other to get a female. C. What do the phrases fast sex and slow sex mean? Maximum reproductive rate, all else held equal Fast sex and slow sex refers to the amount of time it males and females to produce offspring. In mammals it can take males 10-15 minutes to be able to make a baby after
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Anthropology5_Problem_Set_8 - Anthropology 005,...

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