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Anthropology2_Birth_of_a_discipline - Anthro2 Statistics> o...

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Anthro 2 17:27 The Birth of the Discipline Statistics>Cultural Anthropology Encyclopedic statistics o General useful knowledge o People, place, culture o Useful for understanding diversity o Enables comparison From Evolution to Ethnography 19 th  century anthropologists worked on the topic of “social evolution” Franz Boas founded US anthropology on different concepts o Historical “particularism” o Cultural relativism “Armchair” Anthropologists Not too much field research Sought grand explanatory theories Mixed pre-historical, historical, and present day evidence Evolutionary schema Lewis Henry Morgan (1818-1881) Lawyer, US Ethnography of Iroquois Ancient Society      (1877)
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Unilineal Social Evolution: “progress” o Savagery>barbarism>civilization o Defined by technology Marx and Engels used Morgan to interpret the evolution of human society.
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