Anthropology2_Course_Summary - o Neoliberal water...

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Anthro 2 Lecture 17:43 Course Summary History Anthropology of History o Evolution o Social change o Processes History of Anthropology o Ideas in their contexts Particular vs. General Ethnography vs. Ethnology Relativism vs. Universalism Draw conclusions, but don’t trust them! Conditions Culture and Society linked to environment and economy o Nuer o “Involution” in Java o Water temples
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Unformatted text preview: o Neoliberal water management Critique of Concepts • Popular vs. Academic o “culture”; “race”; “community”; “development” • Terms and concepts are culture o Historically situated Anthropology Applied • Ethics • Uses and misuses of Anthropology • Relevant, responsible anthropology • Ethnography of the recession 17:43 17:43...
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Anthropology2_Course_Summary - o Neoliberal water...

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