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Anthropology2_Evolution -...

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Anthropology 2 Evolution Lecture 17:29 Evolution: Biology, Society, and Culture BOAS – Applied Anthropology Knowledge and citizenship Defended individual liberties, humanism Criticized divisive, oppressive, unscientific ideas; racism, nationalism Criticized irresponsible science (spies) Boas’ Legacy Boas’ students o Berkeley, Chicago, etc.. o Cultural anthropology o Four fields approach o Responsible, relevant anthropology Lecture Outline Why Evolution Biological Evolution Multilineal social evolution Cultural Evolution History Why Evolution 19 th  century Social Evolutionism Franz Boas’ critique
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Is evolution a valid concept? What has the word meant? First: maturation of an individual Later: process of natural historical development across generations Biology – Darwin Natural Selection: the mechanism of evolution
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Anthropology2_Evolution -...

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