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Anthro 2 17:40 Family, Kinship and Community Family and Kinship Who is your “family”? Who lives together? Who shares what? Biological or social relation? FELXIBLE, CULTURAL Descent Ancestry: where do you come from? Matrilineal and Patrilineal Inheritance and Succession Modern Families Nuclear family o Parents and their children Extended family o Multi-generational families, as well as horizontal relationships with cousins Peasant Families Family is the unit of production and consumption Chayanov Dependency Ratio o Consumers/workers What kind of family is best for peasants?
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Marriage Endogamy, Exogamy o Endogamy – marriage into one owns group/tribe o Exogamy – marriage into an outside group/tribe Residency o When you marry, where you live Defined in terms of property, offspring, political relations “Community”: Popular Uses Small groups within societies that are seen to share some essence
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Anthropology2_Family_Kinship_Community - Anthro2 17:40...

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